Thursday, May 31, 2012

♥ PHOTOSHOOT: Paper Doll

Hey! I am back with a new blog post. Today, I am going to post about my fourth photoshoot. As you can see, the title of this post is "Paper Doll". It is because this shoot was themed as Paper Doll. What does it mean? It means that I am the doll and what I'm wearing is pure paper specifically Japanese paper. But of course, I wore an underwear. Here are the output photos, unfortunately I have only few copies.

B+E Captured is the team who took this shoot and I love them because they show professionalism on their outputs and on how they treat their models. As you can see, the output is magazine-like photo, with all the credits on the lower right and I really like it. I would really like to have another shoot with their team.

Here are the people behind the successful shoot:
Creative Director: Enreikko Huan Karlo Navarro
Photographer: Brian Dexter Medija
Art Director: E.J.
Makeup Artist: Christopher Lim Zamora
Hair Stylist: Noeh
Jeff Elivera
Adrian Cortez
Richard Pan
Special thanks to: Nanz Ortega

So, here is my post about another photoshoot. Stay tuned for a lot more photoshoot posts. :)


  1. love the make up girl:) and the dress!
    btw, have you joined my giveaways? Please do so if you haven't yet :)

    1. thanks sis! i will definitely join. i joined two of your giveaways already. thanks for the info. and hope you will follow me back. thanks :)