Sunday, September 30, 2012

♥ GIVEAWAY: JLO x PeekAboo Shoppe Davao

The long wait is over. Get a chance to win 1 box of hair chalk and a spike bracelet. I personally like the prizes, you are so lucky because we are giving these away. Only 1 luck reader will win. Just place your entries on the Rafflecopter below. Please be honest, I will be checking all the entries. This giveaway is open for Philippine residents only. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Goodluck! :)

FYI: Mandatory requirements must be completed for your entries to count.

Lots of ♥, Judy

♥ REVIEW: Loreal Paris Total Repair 5

Price: P19.00
Bought at: NCCC Supermarket
Availability: Any local supermarket
Description: Combat the 5 signs of damaged hair with Cement-Ceramide! It keeps your hair strong and healthy by filling in cracks for strengthened and resilient hair as well as sealing hair scales for replenished moisture and ultra-smooth touch with ultra-shiny hair surface. Your hair will become 1. Stronger 2. Nourished 3. Shinier 4. Smoother 5. Less Split-ends.

If you have been reading my blog, I blogged about how to treat damaged hair. And I mentioned there to deep nourish your hair every once a week. Since, I, myself, has a damaged hair, I never hesitated to try it. I found this Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 and decided to try it once a week. So, I will be reviewing it today. Let us see if it did work to my damaged hair.

This hair treatment is made to combat 5 signs of damage which are breakage, dryness, dullness, coarseness, and split-ends. It stated that "your hair will become"...
1. Stronger - It did lessen the breakage of my hair, unlike before. So I think, it worked, I just need to use it religiously.
2. Nourished - Yes! I can feel that my hair is nourished.
3. Shinier - Well, I must admit that my hair really is dull. So it did not make my hair shinier for 2 months, because I've been using this for 2 months already. Maybe it will take a long time for my hair to be shinier again. Hahaha!
4. Smoother - Yes! It did make my hair smoother. I so love my hair after I use this because I can easily comb my hair, it's so soft.
5. Less Split-Ends - Actually I was unaware of that, but when my classmates were comparing their split-ends on their hairs, we noticed that my hair has less split-ends compared to them. So I think, this product helped me to have less split-ends.

- Very affordable
- Good alternative as a hair treatment compared to other hair treatments which are so expensive
- Made my hair soft and smooth
- It lessen the split-ends on my hair

- I think none. Lol!

Overall: I will rate this product 4/5. Even though some of its promised results did not work for my hair, it somehow helped my hair from becoming more damaged. I recommend this product to girls who also have damaged hair like me. Maybe it will work very well on your hair. :)

Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

Thursday, September 27, 2012

♥ BTS: I Won't Give Up

Konichiwa! LOL! I have been addicted to anime recently, and I want to learn their language. Hahaha! Anyways, this post is not about that, this is about the behind the scenes of our club's music video. The title of the song is I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. I joined the Ateneo Film Circle because I love watching and making films. And this is my first music video at our club. I will post the video soon. For the mean time, enjoy our behind the scenes pictures. :)

We really had a great time making the music video. It was all worth it. We are so tired that day but we are happy and excited for the output. We are feel like professionals with all the lights and camera. Hahaha! Well, that's it for today. See you in my next post. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

Friday, September 21, 2012

♥ REVIEW: Perfection by Cream Silk

Price: P131.25
Bought at: NCCC Mall of Davao
Available at: Any local supermarket
Description: The first ever premium specialist range from Cream Silk specially designed for straightened hair. With Cream Silk's breakthrough Keratinology. Advanced formulation with pico-nutrients and keratin, penetrates deeply into the hair cortex. Next generation conditioner that has the power of treatment with the speed of a conditioner, restores smoothness from roots to tips.

Remember my post about how to treat damaged hair? If you haven't read it, click here. Anyways, I tried it to myself and I chose to use Perfection by Cream Silk as my treatment conditioner. I also used Dove Instant Repair but unfortunately, I didn't notice something different on my hair. So I tried Cream Silk. And I love how it made my hair soft after shampoo. Very different from my hair before I used Cream Silk. I so love it! Lol! It has Keratin, a protein that our hair needs. So far, it made a good effect on my hair and I am using this for 2 months already. So for anyone who has damaged hair like me, try using this product as a conditioner and see the results for yourself. :)

- It really made my hair soft unlike before.

-NONE :)

Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

♥ NAIL ART: Printed

Hello! Here is another nail art I have made. I know this is very common to everyone because it is very easy to do. So, for anyone who is her first time to know about this printed nail art, this is for you. :)

All you need to have are:

printed papers

Step 1: After cleaning your nails, paint your nails with the color you want as background.
Step 2: Pour enough amount of alcohol in a small container.
Step 3: Dip the printed paper in the small container.

Step 4: Then, put the printed paper on top of the nail and press it gently. Wait for it to dry before removing it.
Step 5: If there are bumps from the paper after removing it, just rub it with alcohol until it's clean.
Step 6: Apply top coat to add a little shine and to protect your nail art.

And that's it, very easy right? Have fun doing it. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

♥ SHOP: PeekAboo Shoppe Davao

Hello everyone! Girls really love shopping, don't we girls? Hahaha! And because of that, I am going to share with you another online shop that I find it affordable and convenient. Its name is PeekAboo Shoppe Davao. Obviously, the owner is from Davao. I find it convenient because it sells stuff that I have been looking for like hair chalk, studs, and a lot more. And their studs are very affordable compared to the ones they sell in the mall. Here are the items that I personally like on their shop. :)

Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream
I have been looking for an affordable piece of this one and it's only in their shop that I find it affordable compared to other online shops. :)

Hair Chalk
I really love these hair chalks! I think you already know that teens nowadays are addicted to colored hair and I am one of them. LOL! I really wanted to color my hair with pink but I cannot find a pink hair dye on any local drugstore. So, I really think that these hair chalk would be very good for me as an alternative. :)

I love putting studs on my shorts, it attracts other people and it gives a little accent on my boring denims. That is why I really love studs. :)

I know many of you will like their items also. So, if your from Davao or from anywhere in the Philippines and want to purchase, just visit their FB page by clicking the photo below. I will be having a giveaway sponsored by PeekAboo Shoppe Davao. So, stay tune to know what the price will be. I know you will be happy when you know the price. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

Saturday, September 15, 2012

♥ EVENT: Greenwich Pizza Blowout

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share to you the event that I have participated. Greenwich had their Pizza Blowout and they invited many bloggers from our place, which is Davao, to participate in their food tasting. Thank you to Ma'am Ria Abella Jose for inviting me even though I am still a beginner in blogging. :)

I really never expected that I will be picked as one of the people who will join the food tasting. And when I received the text message of Ma'am Ria, I was so happy. It was my first time to attend an event. At first, I was hesitant to attend it since I am just a newbie and I still don't know anyone from the group. But I am always thinking that this is my chance to attend events and get to have more friends in the world of blogging. So, I attended it. Fortunately, I was able to gain some friends which were from Ateneo also. So, here are the pictures I have taken from the event. I am not a photographer, so limit your expectations on the picture. :)

I really wanted that Ultimate Discount Card but I was so shy to answer their questions. :(

eating time :)
their new pizza overload :)

their new crispy glazed chicken :)
yummy! :)
the things I got from the event :)
I really had a great experience attending this event especially because it was food tasting, I love food! Lol! I was so happy because I gained more blogger friends. Unfortunately, I still don't have the copy of our picture. I hope this will not be my first and last event that I will join. So, that's it. Hope you enjoyed viewing this set. Thank you! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

Saturday, September 8, 2012

♥ ROUTINE: Cuticle Care

Hello readers! Today, I am going to share with you my basic cuticle care routine. I am really fond of putting nail polish on my nails and because of that I need a serious cuticle care to moisturize my cuticles and strengthen my nails. So, these are basically the products that I use:

- Vaseline Hand and Nail Conditioning Lotion
- Bobbie Cuticle Oil
- Bobbie Nail Strengthener
- Q-tips
- Tissue

So, the first thing that I would do is to wash my hands first. Next, is I apply the cuticle oil on my cuticles and massage the oil on my cuticles and nails. I gently push back the cuticles using a q-tip. Here is a quick tip: never cut your cuticles because they are there to prevent bacteria from getting in to your body. Then, I apply the hand and nail lotion to moisturize my nails and cuticles. Make sure your hand lotion is not only for the hands but also for your cuticles and nails. And lastly, I apply the nail hardener onto my nails. Wipe first the residue from the lotion on your nails before applying the nail hardener.

And that's it, this cuticle care can help moisturize your cuticles and strengthen your nails. How about you, what is your cuticle care? Tell me by commenting below. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

♥ REVIEW: Beauty Buffet Charcoal & Cypress Facial Mask

Price: P39.00
Bought at: SM Davao Watsons
Availability: Any Watsons nationwide

Description: This Beauty Buffet Mask's unique recipe is made up of Charcoal to deeply cleanse and purify pores, as well as Cypress Extract to help maintain oil balance and refine pores, and Glycine to help retain moisture. After use, skin appears more supple, tightened and refreshed. Natural botanical extracts - Algae, Aloe Vera and Cucumber also help to moisturize and nourish skin.

When you open the pack, you need to peel this plastic to completely stick the mask onto your face.

This is what it looks like when you use it. :)

This is actually my first time to use a mask. I really wanted to use one back then but I am always confused on what mask to buy. And then, I saw the Beauty Buffet mask at Watsons and it said that it is for oily skin. So, I decided to give a try. Let us see if the product complied its promised outcome. :)

So first, it said that it deeply cleanse and purify pores. In my opinion, it did cleanse and purify my pores but just in a short period of time. But I think, if you use the mask regularly, the cleansing and purifying will last for a longer period. Next is it helps maintain oil balance and refine pores. Let me just say that the maintaining oil balance part really worked for me. I was really amazed because there is no oil on my face when I woke up in the morning, (by the way, I used the mask on the evening) usually I wake up with oil on my face. And my aunt noticed that too. So, the product has plus points from me. Lol! On the refining pores part, unfortunately, I did not see an improvement of my impurities. So, I guess I need to use it more often to see the results. Another is that it said that it helps retain moisture. Yes, it did retain the moisture that my face needed and it needs more. After use, skin appears more supple, tightened and refreshed. Well, unfortunately, I did not noticed that my skin appears supple, tightened or refreshed. Maybe, I just need to use it again and again to notice the effect. And the last one is that it helps moisturize and nourish skin. Yes, it helped moisturize my skin. But on the nourishing part, I still need to observe it more.

- It helps controls the oil.
- It moisturizes my skin.
- It has a cool feeling when you use it.

- A lot of the essence will go to waste.
- Too big for my face.

Overall: I will give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. Even though I did not notice the other effects of the product, I still love the fact that it helped control the oil on my face and the moisture that it gives.

Should I repurchase? Yes, because I love its effects and my skin needs more nourishment and moisture. :) But if I find a different brand of mask that does the same effect, then I will it a try.

If you would like to suggest, comments are highly appreciated. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

Saturday, September 1, 2012

♥ NAIL ART: Braided

Hi there! It has been a long since I blogged about nail art. So, this is a braided nail art. This post will be very short since I cannot put the steps here simply because it's so hard for me to have the instructions in english and I am sorry for that. Lol! I am not that good in english to tell you. If you want to learn how to do this one, just search a video in youtube, there are a lot, so do not worry. I am going to remake this one because it really shows that I need a lot more practice. Lol!

Tell me if you did this nail art also by commenting on the comment box. Thank you and God bless! 'Til next post. :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

♥ INSPIRATION: Anything paired with Shorts

Hello everyone! August is finally over and I ended the month at the hospital. Yes, I was admitted because of dengue, that is why I wasn't able to blog a new post. So today, I am glad to say that I am already okay and in the mood to do a new blog post. :)

Today is the first day of the "BER" month which means Christmas is fast approaching! And this post is about my fashion inspiration for the month of September. Let me show you first few pictures of them.

I am really into shorts, I only wear pants at school. Since sembreak is also fast approaching, I want more shorts because I can feel that there will be a lot of getaways with friends and family. :)

So, here it is, the things that I want and hopefully someday I will be able to find the same babies here and if I do, I will be sharing it with you. So just stay tuned. :)

Hope you enjoyed viewing this post and hope to hear your comments. Ciao! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy