Sunday, September 25, 2016

♥ DIY: Bleaching and Coloring Hair

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am back to blogging! Yey! It has been almost two years since I "abandoned" my blog because my laptop broke and I am so poor I could not buy a new one. :( But I am always active on IG so follow me there. I did reviews there for the mean time. I still visit my blog though and encouraging myself to go back to blogging and here I am! :D Hopefully, I could post a lot before the year ends. 

Also, I am excited to announce that I am now an official member of Davao Bloggers Society. Yey me! It is also one of the reasons why I came back to blogging. I am looking forward for the events, workshops, etc. that I will be doing as part of the DBS. Hopefully, it will enhance my skills in blogging and be more exposed to the blogging world. And of course, gain new blogger friends. Hehe!

Anyway, for my first post of the year, I will be sharing to you my first attempt in bleaching and coloring my hair with the help of my aunt. I just want to share it here in my blog because I know there are also a lot of girls and guys out there who want to color their hair with not so common colors, it is called fashion colors nowadays, but we all know that we need to have a budget of Php5,000 and up if we want our hair to be done by professionals in a salon. But I don't have that amount of money and it hurts my pocket if I will just spend it on my hair. So, I decided to do it myself with the help of my aunt and with the help of the internet. Just a disclaimer though, we are all first timers here, my aunt and I. Also, I have done a lot of research and I contemplated for how many months before I finally decided to do it myself. I am not encouraging you to do it yourself by writing this post but to give you reference based on my experience. So, if you are interested, just keep on reading. :D

Hair Background

Before anything else, I would just like to share my hair background. All that my hair had undergone. My hair is originally wavy. I had my hair relaxed since I was in Grade Six. So, basically, I don't have a virgin hair. I color my hair once in a while because I'm afraid that it might cause so much damage to my already damaged hair that is why it took so long for me to finally decide to color and even bleach my hair. Last May, I had my hair relaxed again. I always had my hair relaxed every after 6 months to 1 year to maintain my not so straight hair. Hehe! Then I colored my hair using the Etude House Bubble Coloring. I shared my experience about that product on my IG. It was a very long post, I should have made a blog post instead. Anyway, that was the last treatment my hair had. And then after a month or so, I bleached my hair. 

It took me almost one year to contemplate and also made some research about bleaching and study hair coloring through the internet because, as what I have said, I am afraid that it would totally destroy my hair. I always think that my hair is very damaged due to hair relaxing that is why I always think twice. And I forgot to mention that I blow dry my hair EVERYDAY. Could you imagine the damage from the heat? :/ But I always do hair treatments at home which will be in a different blog post so stay tuned for that. ;)

Anyway, let's stop this blah blah and talk about the main topic of this blog post. Hehe!