Thursday, May 31, 2012

♥ PHOTOSHOOT: Paper Doll

Hey! I am back with a new blog post. Today, I am going to post about my fourth photoshoot. As you can see, the title of this post is "Paper Doll". It is because this shoot was themed as Paper Doll. What does it mean? It means that I am the doll and what I'm wearing is pure paper specifically Japanese paper. But of course, I wore an underwear. Here are the output photos, unfortunately I have only few copies.

B+E Captured is the team who took this shoot and I love them because they show professionalism on their outputs and on how they treat their models. As you can see, the output is magazine-like photo, with all the credits on the lower right and I really like it. I would really like to have another shoot with their team.

Here are the people behind the successful shoot:
Creative Director: Enreikko Huan Karlo Navarro
Photographer: Brian Dexter Medija
Art Director: E.J.
Makeup Artist: Christopher Lim Zamora
Hair Stylist: Noeh
Jeff Elivera
Adrian Cortez
Richard Pan
Special thanks to: Nanz Ortega

So, here is my post about another photoshoot. Stay tuned for a lot more photoshoot posts. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

♥ SHOP: Frida Accessoire

Hello my lovely readers! I'm so sorry that I haven't made a post these past few days. I was busy customizing my layout. So, what do you think of my new blog design ? You can post a comment of what you think. :)

Anyway, have you heard of Frida Accessoire? It is now one of my fave online shops. They are selling Arm Candy accessories which is 100% handmade. You can even suggest your desired colors and designs. Here are some of their sold out designs:

Aren't they lovely and adorable? Their prices range from P70 and above, depending on how many you would like to buy. But there is a discount if you buy many. :) My personal fave is this one: 

I really love the color of this one and I like big chains. :)

Did you fall in love with these cute bracelets? Visit their online shop and order yours now. Just click the photo below. And watch out for my giveaway sponsored by Frida Accessoire. So, stay tuned. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

♥ MOVIE: Men in Black III

Official Movie Poster
Movie Info from Rotten Tomatoes
          In Men in Black 3, Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K's life and the fate of the planet are put at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him -- secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind.

Me and my boyfriend watched Men in Black 3 last sunday. For me, the movie really made me laugh but some scenes made me confused a little bit. When I asked my boyfriend about what he thinks of the movie, he said he was bored. I was like... whaaaat? o.o My boyfriend is like a movie critic, but he is a harsh critic. Hahaha! Lol! I checked the popular movie critic website which is the Rotten Tomatoes, I saw this:

The 68% is the percentage of positive reviews given by the Rotten Tomatoes critics and the 78% is the percentage given by the Rotten Tomatoes users who have rated this movie 3.5 starts or higher.

Personally, I rated this movie 4 out of 5 stars. It is still worth the money. So, hope you guys liked this post and especially the movie. I actually like how Will Smith acts as a comedian. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

♥ REVIEW: Dream Girl Make-up Remover

Hi there! This is my first time to post a review of a make-up product. Well, actually, this is not for putting make-up but for removing make-up. If you have been my reader from the very start, then you know that I am doing photoshoots. And since, photoshoots need heavy make-up, I really need to have a make-up remover. Anyone who wears make-up need a make-up remover. 

So, here I am, doing a review about this make-up remover from Dream Girl. I think it is under 4U2. I bought this at Watsons. This is available in any Watsons stores. Sorry, I forgot how much it cost. I think it's about P200 below for 50mL. This is my first make-up remover and after this one, I will still try other make-up remover products. I just want to share with you guys what I think about with Dream Girl's Make-up Remover.

- It gently removes my make-up.
- It moisturizes my skin.
- It is gentle exfoliating.
- Affordable.

- My face feels oily after I remove all the make-up.
- I can consume it with in 2 weeks only.

Should I repurchase ? Nah. I think I'm going to try other make-up remover products. If you can suggest a better make-up remover, please do leave a comment. I want to hear it from you. Thanks!

Thank you for reading. See yah! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

♥ EXPERIENCE: I went to a Dog Pound

Hi friends! I just had my worst experience in my life and I am going to share it. I just want to express how i feel through this blog because if I share my feelings just by saying, no one will listen to me. At least, through internet, anybody can read this post and maybe wants to help.

I am an animal lover, specifically, dogs and cats. And I really hate people who torture animals, I curse them. I want them to suffer also. But I don't have the power, so I am forced to just watch them hurt the animals.

The other day, our dog was caught by the city pound, by the people I really hate! We went to their office to get back our dog and we waited there for 5 hours. Aaargh! Somebody told us that they only give 3 days to the dogs that they caught. After 3 days and nobody still claim the dog, they are going to kill it and put it in a septic tank. That day, as we waited, I saw an unexpected happening. I saw how they HEARTLESSLY killed the dogs. It made me want to kill all the people there and free all the dogs. I saw the dogs in the cages and I saw fear in their eyes. If only I am rich, I will adopt all the stray dogs and take care of them until they will look good enough so that other people can adopt them also. Just like what Americans do to the dogs they caught. They will never kill the dog unless there is really no way to tame the dog. I hate how the government treat the stray dogs here in the Philippines. They never give chances to the dogs they caught. Once they catch a dog, they will never give food to the poor dog.

I just hope that one day, a person or persons will heartily help the dogs in the city pound.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♥ WISHLIST: Zalora

Hello everyone! I have been to different blogs and I have read their Zalora wishlists. So now, it is my time to make my Zalora wishlist. If I have given a chance to shop at Zalora with unlimited money, I will be very happy. Since I'm still a student, saving is very difficult to make because of projects, but in my case, I spend my money on food because I really love food. I am too shy to ask my parents to buy me clothes and stuff, so I have no choice to wait for the time for me to have money. If you have read my first outfit post, I stated there that I don't have classy outfits and I really envy those people who post about their wonderful outfits.

So, I scanned Zalora's items in every categories and here are the items that I want in my closet.

Starting with this two-toned criss heel sandals from Wade. I really like heels. I am obsessed with heels. I love the style of this heels, I think it feels comfortable.

This sandals is very perfect for casual look and I always wear casual everyday, so this is a must have. The Pepper by Mel are sandals sporting a midfoot strap and unique toe fastener. The upper, lining and sole is made of PVC.

Next is this dress from Bayo. This pink sleeveless dress by Bayo is something every girl should have. Pair with flip flops or flats. Get some sun and stay cool!

Another dress is this sweetheart lace halter dress from Frou Frou. This dress is very perfect for fomal events.

I don't always attend a party but this mini dress raffles tiger from Virus is perfect for evening parties. 

As you can see, my wishlist are only shoes and dresses. It is because I am obsessed with shoes and I don't have many dresses. Hahaha!

That's it guys. Hope you enjoyed viewing my Zalora wishlist. Visit Zalora now. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

♥ BTS: Fashion War

Hello my lovely readers ! Here is the behind the scenes of my photoshoot "Fahion War", as promised. View my post about the said photoshoot here. :)

We held the photoshoot at GAP farm. I am always excited when I am in a photoshoot, either I am the model or not, because I really like to watch the make-up artist doing his/her job. I watch them so that I will learn the steps on putting make-up and try doing my own make-up at home. I am very observant. Hahaha ! That is why I learned how to apply make-up but I don't know how to blend well because everytime after I do my make-up at home, I always end up with a very white face. :| I really need a make-up 101. Hahaha ! 

The make-up artist in action. :)

MUA: Miss Roxanne Dalisay
I really admire her skills in putting make-up and I am looking forward to be her canvass again. :)

Stylist: Miss Tin Javellana

me! while waiting for the other model :)

me and sir Mike (one of the photographers), assisting me :)
just playing around :)
Watch out for my next bts. See you soon, ciao ! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

♥ OUTFIT: Simplicity is Beauty

Hello friends ! At last, I have now an outfit post. Hahaha ! 

I do not have a lot of dresses and outfits because I am that kind of girl who wears tshirts and shorts to save time and I don't have enough money to buy classy clothes. I really envy those rich girls at school who wear very nice dresses and outfits. If I have given a chance to shop clothes, shoes, and whatsoever, I would really love to. It's my dream. I have many obsessions. Clothes, bags, and shoes are one of them. I have been saving my allowance to buy them because I am shy to ask for money from my parents. Enough with my story and let us proceed to my outfit. Hope you like it guys. :)

Dress: Closet Collection at Gmall Davao | Shoes: no brand

I bought the shoes from Victoria Plaza. I was just passing by the stores until I saw this adorable wedge. I fell in love with it and I couldn't take away my eyes out of it. So, I decided to buy it. Isn't it adorable ? I so love this wedge. :)

Watch out for my next outfit post. Hopefully, I could post it as soon as possible. I've got a lot of ideas in my mind to blog for you guys but I don't know which would I blog first. So, stay tuned. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

♥ FOTD: Rainbow Eyes

Hello there ! I told you guys to post another look which is the Rainbow Eyes. Well, here it is. Finally, I had the time to do it. Just to remind you, my looks that are posted here in my blog is kinda like an experiment. So, I'm sorry if my face is ugly in the after photo.

Anyways, I did this look because I was inspired by Michelle Phan. She has a video called rainbow eyes and since I love colorful colors, I watched it and decided to remake it. Please watch her video here. :)

Let us now see the result. :)

Before (eyes)

After (closed)

After ( semi-closed)
 I know I still need a lot of practice. :(

More photos of me wearing the look. Sorry, I'm really vain. Lol!

Here is a snapshot on Michelle Phan's video. :)
So, what do you think ? Hahaha ! Close enough ? Lol !

This look is very perfect for summer, so try it ladies if you want.
Hope you like viewing this set. Watch out for my next post. I will post another look, and hopefully outfit post and reviews. Please feel free to comment or suggest. See you soon ! Ciao ! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

♥ PHOTOSHOOT: Fashion War

Hey there ! So, I am going to blog about my third photoshoot. 

The theme of this photoshoot is "Fashion War". This shoot is one of my favorite because of my eye make-up. What I am excited about a photoshoot is the make-up part because everytime during make-up, I always get excited of what my face looks like with make-up especially when the concept is high fashion. It is because, a lot of colors will be used on the eyes, and I love seeing colorful eyes, it's like art. And now, let us now proceed to the output. :)

I look like a cat, right ? Lol ! By the way, my make-up artist here is the one who did make-up on my second photoshoot, the "Simple Girl". If you haven't viewed it yet, click here. She is one of my favorite make-up artist. I would love to have a workshop with her, 1 on 1. Hahaha ! Her name is Roxanne Dalisay. View her FB account here, she has a portfolio. :)

Credits to the photographers, they are really excellent. I hope I could work with them again in due time. :)

So, here you are guys! Another blog about my next photoshoot will be up next after I post about the behind the scenes of this shoot. Hope you liked it friends. Ciao ! :)