Saturday, May 19, 2012

♥ FOTD: Rainbow Eyes

Hello there ! I told you guys to post another look which is the Rainbow Eyes. Well, here it is. Finally, I had the time to do it. Just to remind you, my looks that are posted here in my blog is kinda like an experiment. So, I'm sorry if my face is ugly in the after photo.

Anyways, I did this look because I was inspired by Michelle Phan. She has a video called rainbow eyes and since I love colorful colors, I watched it and decided to remake it. Please watch her video here. :)

Let us now see the result. :)

Before (eyes)

After (closed)

After ( semi-closed)
 I know I still need a lot of practice. :(

More photos of me wearing the look. Sorry, I'm really vain. Lol!

Here is a snapshot on Michelle Phan's video. :)
So, what do you think ? Hahaha ! Close enough ? Lol !

This look is very perfect for summer, so try it ladies if you want.
Hope you like viewing this set. Watch out for my next post. I will post another look, and hopefully outfit post and reviews. Please feel free to comment or suggest. See you soon ! Ciao ! :)

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