Thursday, May 10, 2012

♥ FOTD: Everyday Chic

It is so boring when it's summer time because I've got nothing to do. So, I thought of something that will make me busy and that is to practice on putting make-up on my own face because someday, I dream to become a make-up artist. LOL ! I really idolize Michelle Phan so I watched her tutorials from her very first uploaded video and I started doing it one by one. Today, I'm going to show you an Everyday Chic Look inspired by her (Michelle Phan). It's not that perfect but I think it's close enough. :)

This is my before picture. Sorry, I am so haggard. LOL

and this is the after photo. Is there any difference ? HAHAHA ! My hair is short here but it is not real, it is just an illusion. :)

Now, Let us close up the eyes. :)

Well, I really do not wear make-up during normal days, I only wear make-up if there is an event or if I have a photoshoot, but I am not the make-up artist. I just use make-up for practicing at home, so if ever that there will be no make-up artist, I can do my own make-up.

That's it guys, I know I'm not that good so feel free to criticize. :) If you want to watch Michelle Phan's video, click here. So, tell me if you tried that look too. Goodluck ! :)

I am going to post another look as soon as possible. Hope you had fun viewing this. :)

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