Tuesday, May 15, 2012

♥ PHOTOSHOOT: Simple Girl

Alright ! I'm going to post about my second photoshoot. If you haven't viewed my first photoshoot, click here. :)

This photoshoot has no theme actually, it was just a funshoot. The photographers are from Manila, they came here to join an event in Davao.

So, here are the pictures. :)

Actually, I kinda don't like this shoot because our location is in a park, so there are many people and I don't want people to look at me while I do my pose. I just feel awkward. Second, I kinda don't like my outfit. HAHAHA ! But, I enjoyed as well. By the way, my make-up artist here is the one who did my make-up on my next shoot. Watch out for it. It's one of my fave photoshoots. You'll know soon. :)

So, here you are guys, my second photoshoot which I kinda don't like. Lol !

Credits to the Manila photographers, Ma'am Tinaps and Ma'am Mishalle. :)


  1. Really nice pictures!
    Like them! :)

    1. thanks ! hope you will follow my blog :)

  2. amazing photos! :)
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