Saturday, May 26, 2012

♥ EXPERIENCE: I went to a Dog Pound

Hi friends! I just had my worst experience in my life and I am going to share it. I just want to express how i feel through this blog because if I share my feelings just by saying, no one will listen to me. At least, through internet, anybody can read this post and maybe wants to help.

I am an animal lover, specifically, dogs and cats. And I really hate people who torture animals, I curse them. I want them to suffer also. But I don't have the power, so I am forced to just watch them hurt the animals.

The other day, our dog was caught by the city pound, by the people I really hate! We went to their office to get back our dog and we waited there for 5 hours. Aaargh! Somebody told us that they only give 3 days to the dogs that they caught. After 3 days and nobody still claim the dog, they are going to kill it and put it in a septic tank. That day, as we waited, I saw an unexpected happening. I saw how they HEARTLESSLY killed the dogs. It made me want to kill all the people there and free all the dogs. I saw the dogs in the cages and I saw fear in their eyes. If only I am rich, I will adopt all the stray dogs and take care of them until they will look good enough so that other people can adopt them also. Just like what Americans do to the dogs they caught. They will never kill the dog unless there is really no way to tame the dog. I hate how the government treat the stray dogs here in the Philippines. They never give chances to the dogs they caught. Once they catch a dog, they will never give food to the poor dog.

I just hope that one day, a person or persons will heartily help the dogs in the city pound.

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