Tuesday, March 28, 2017

♥ REVIEW: Lily's Touch Miracle Cream

Hello everyone!

I have heard and read a lot of positive reviews about this product but I kept discouraging myself because my wallet doesn't allow me to buy anything. Huhuhu! I was also quite hesitant because I know that there is no such thing as "miracle" for my skin. Hahaha! But then again, I wasn't able to control myself that long so I went ahead and bought the product. :D

Price: P450
Bought at: prettyangelshoppe

Description: Rich with whitening and anti-aging ingredients, this hypoallergenic cream will make your skin lighter, smoother and brighter in seven days.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

♥ TIP: Use one facial mask twice

Hello everyone!

This might not be new to you but for me it is. I don't usually use facial masks because I feel like I'm wasting the excess essence inside the pack. But I really wanted to use it religiously because of the benefits it will give for my skin. But then again, I get discourage every time I think about the reason why I don't use facial masks. So, I thought, if only I could find a dry face mask then I can maximize the essence in the pack. Then, one day, my prayers (well, not really, hehe) were answered. I, finally, found a dry mask so I started this experiment of mine and it went pretty well. So, here I am sharing it with you (I'm referring to people who still don't know this tip/hack). :D

If you are interested then please keep on reading. :)