Tuesday, March 28, 2017

♥ REVIEW: Lily's Touch Miracle Cream

Hello everyone!

I have heard and read a lot of positive reviews about this product but I kept discouraging myself because my wallet doesn't allow me to buy anything. Huhuhu! I was also quite hesitant because I know that there is no such thing as "miracle" for my skin. Hahaha! But then again, I wasn't able to control myself that long so I went ahead and bought the product. :D

Price: P450
Bought at: prettyangelshoppe

Description: Rich with whitening and anti-aging ingredients, this hypoallergenic cream will make your skin lighter, smoother and brighter in seven days.

As I was reading the claims on the label, I was like "weh!". So I monitored the days of me using the product and counted until seven days and here is my review. :)


The product comes in a jar with a twist cap and another white cap to protect the product. Nothing fancy. Also, it doesn't have anything to get the product out so you just have to use your fingers and I know most people find it unhygienic. Just make sure your fingers are clean before you dip them and get the product.


It has a thick creamy consistency. It dries quickly so you need to be quick to spread the product.


It has a fruity scent but I'm not sure what kind of fruit, for me it smells like fruit. Lol!


I applied the product on the right side of my hand and if you can notice, it brightened up my complexion.

My thoughts:

I like that it is not oily or dewy when it settles because it sets into a semi-matte finish. It doesn't feel sticky and uncomfortable. After applying, it looked really white but after a few minutes, it settled and it perfectly brightened my skin tone. Because it has a thick consistency, it feels a bit heavy. It is also stated that it is a cream with sunscreen but it didn't say how much SPF it contains. When I wore it under makeup, I noticed a slight white cast when I took a photo. But I'm okay with that since I rarely use this under makeup because I apply this more often at night when I go to sleep. It says on the label that it should be applied 2-3 hours before going under the sun that is why I rarely use it in the morning because I am a person who is always in a hurry. Hihihi! But when I know that I will just stay at home, then that's time I will be using it as a moisturizer and I like that it blurs out my imperfections. It lessens my visible pores and the acne marks lightens. At night, when I have a pimple I apply this directly on that pimple and I wake up with a dried pimple. Well, not all the time though but most of the time. Hehe! (I said pimple three times! Lol!) If you might ask if the said claims happened within seven days, I say no. All the said claims happened after applying the product and then my skin goes back to its normal condition after I cleanse. Although, I still believe that the said claims will happen in the long run because I already accepted that creams with benefits will work overtime. Therefore, I am loving this product and I didn't regret buying it. Will I repurchase? Yes but not now because there is this another face product that beauty bloggers are raving and here I am again, wanting to try it. I'm sorry wallet. Huhuhu!

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Do you have the same experiences using this product? Share it in the comment section. :)

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