Wednesday, July 31, 2013

♥ NAIL ART: Winnie the Pooh

Ola! I hope you are doing fine. We don't have classes today so I am home alone and blogging. Hahaha! If you are also at home alone, you might want to paint your nails and follow these very simple and easy nail art. Especially if you love Winnie the Pooh. :)

You will need:

1. Base Coat
2. Yellow Nail Polish
3. Black Nail Polish
4. Red Nail Polish
5. Top Coat
6. Dotting tool/Toothpick

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

♥ FOTD: Inside Out

Hello there! I am so happy that I played with my beloved makeup once again. Hahaha! XD It has been a long time since my last face of the day. And now, here is a new one and I can say that I have improved. Yey me! Lol. So, without further ado, here is my recent face of the day or look of the day, whatever. Hahaha! Prepare for my vanity. Lol.

♥ NAIL ART: Dreamcatcher

Hello everyone! So today, I will be blogging about my nail art last week. Do you love dreamcatchers or aztec-y looking things? Hahaha! Then, this nail art is for you. Please read on more to know how to achieve this nail art. :)

You will need (what I used):

1. Base Coat (OPI Nail Envy)
2. Pastel Green Nail Polish (from The Face Shop)
3. Black Nail Polish (Sassy Colors with Nail Art brush)
4. White Nail Polish (Caronia White Satin)
5. Pink Nail Polish (Caronia Baby Pink)
6. Top Coat (Seche Vite)
7. Dotting Tool/Toothpick

Friday, July 26, 2013

♥ REVIEW: ELF Blending Eye Brush

Hi there! Today's review is about a brush. I've always wanted to do colorful eye makeup but I find it difficult to achieve because I don't have a blending brush. So, I searched online and found some but unfortunately, I don't wanna buy it online because I am going to pay for the shipping fee and that makes the item very expensive for me. Luckily, I passed by an ELF counter in Watsons and I happen to find a blending eye brush. I am so happy that day because finally I will be able to achieve those amazingly cute and nice eye makeups. If there's one thing I love about makeup, that is to color my eyes. I really love to put different colors on my eyes, I just find it artistic. Haha!

Price: P129.75
Availability: Any ELF counters

"Expertly blends multiple eye shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines. Brush can also multi-task, use it to set powder or liquid concealer."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

♥ REVIEW: Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Stick

Hello everyone! It's actually my first time to try a primer and I just discovered that primers are matte when you applied it. Hahaha! Oh well, at least, now I know. This primer is from Etude House and I got it from W2Beauty. My expectation for this product is that it will really help reduce the visibility of my BIG poooooores (O.o) since it is what it claims. And of course, to keep my oiliness at bay. Since, this is from a Korean brand, I really expect that this is effective because most of Korean products are effective. Let us see if it did a good job. :)

Price: P395
Availability: Any Etude House store

"Solid stick primer masks pores to subdue sebum and improve makeup coverage."

Saturday, July 20, 2013

♥ NAIL ART: Sunset Dolphin

Hello there!I live in the Philippines, and yeah, summer is already over here. But I know in some places, summer has just started. So, here is my post-summer nail art. Anyone can make this nail art whether summer is over or not. :)

You will need:

1. Base Coat
2. White Nail Polish
3. Yellow Nail Polish
4. Orange Nail Polish
5. Blue Nail Polish
6. Black Nail Polish
7. Top Coat
8. Sponge
9. Cotton buds/Q-tip
10. Nail Polish Remover

Friday, July 12, 2013

♥ NAIL ART: Chevron

Hi everyone! Thank God it's Friday! Weeee! And because it's Friday, I can't wait for Sunday to come because I will be doing another nail art. So, for today's nail art tutorial, I will teach you how to make chevron nails. Remember the blog post about my DIY nail art stickers? We will use those in this tutorial.

So, all you need are white nail polish and your custom made nail art stickers.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

♥ DIY: Nail Art Sticker

Hello friends! Here's another DIY blog post. It's been a long time since my last DIY post so here is a new one. This time, it has something to do with nail arts. So, if you like to make nail arts, then stay tuned to know more. :)

I am going to teach you how to make your own customized nail stickers. For this blog post, I am going to use chevron pattern as an example. So, you will need:

1. Craft Scissors (Zigzag)
2. Ziplock bag
3. Nail Polishes (any color you prefer)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

♥ NAIL ART: Minions

Hey there! Despicable Me 2 is now showing! Weeee! Since a lot of people I know are addicted to Minions, this nail art tutorial will teach you how to make minions on your nails. Have you already watched the movie? :)

Let us start the tutorial. You will need: 

1. Base Coat
2. Yellow Nail Polish
3. Blue Nail Polish
4. Grey Nail Polish
5. White Nail Polish
6. Black Nail Polish
7. Top Coat
8. Dotting Tool