Saturday, July 20, 2013

♥ NAIL ART: Sunset Dolphin

Hello there!I live in the Philippines, and yeah, summer is already over here. But I know in some places, summer has just started. So, here is my post-summer nail art. Anyone can make this nail art whether summer is over or not. :)

You will need:

1. Base Coat
2. White Nail Polish
3. Yellow Nail Polish
4. Orange Nail Polish
5. Blue Nail Polish
6. Black Nail Polish
7. Top Coat
8. Sponge
9. Cotton buds/Q-tip
10. Nail Polish Remover

Step 1: Apply your favorite base coat.

Step 2: Paint all your nails white. This is to make the ombre appear brighter.

Step 3: Get a damped sponge and paint yellow at the top, orange in the middle, and blue on the bottom. You can use any sponge.

Step 4: Dab the sponge on your nails. Keep dabbing until you are satisfied with the blending of colors. This nail art is called Ombre. Apply a top coat immediately to soften the texture of your nails and to also make the colors blend.

Step 5: It's okay to have polishes on the skin after you dab the sponge. Just take a q-tip, dip it in a nail polish remover, and rub it on your skin to remove the nail polish.

Step 6: Now, we are going to draw the dolphin. I chose to draw the dolphin on my thumb and ring finger to make it as an accent nail. To draw the dolphin, first, make a curve line using a nail art brush dipped in a black nail polish. To achieve this, just keep your hands still on the table and rotate your nails as you draw the curve line.

Step 7: Draw another curve line at the top of the one you drew first. Imagine you are drawing something that looks like a banana.

Step 8: Fill in the banana and draw the dorsal fin, the flux, and the tail of the dolphin.

And we're done!

Yeeey! We did it! Hooray! Lol. It looks complicated and difficult to make but no, it isn't. This is actually my second attempt to make this nail art. When I first made it, it was a failure and I didn't tried it again until now. Then, I realized that it is not that difficult to make as long as you have the right tools. Anyways, practice makes perfect. So, do not be discouraged if you find it difficult to make. Just keep trying. :)

Thank you for viewing. I hope you have understood this nail art tutorial. Hahaha! More nail arts soon. Thank you and God bless. :)

Lots of ♥, Judy


  1. Ooooh! I see you're a fellow cutepolish fan! I love her nail designs. They're easy to follow, too :D You did great in recreating this design! I like the sunset-y base colors :)

    1. Yes, indeed. Very cute and easy to follow. Thank you :)