Thursday, May 17, 2012

♥ PHOTOSHOOT: Fashion War

Hey there ! So, I am going to blog about my third photoshoot. 

The theme of this photoshoot is "Fashion War". This shoot is one of my favorite because of my eye make-up. What I am excited about a photoshoot is the make-up part because everytime during make-up, I always get excited of what my face looks like with make-up especially when the concept is high fashion. It is because, a lot of colors will be used on the eyes, and I love seeing colorful eyes, it's like art. And now, let us now proceed to the output. :)

I look like a cat, right ? Lol ! By the way, my make-up artist here is the one who did make-up on my second photoshoot, the "Simple Girl". If you haven't viewed it yet, click here. She is one of my favorite make-up artist. I would love to have a workshop with her, 1 on 1. Hahaha ! Her name is Roxanne Dalisay. View her FB account here, she has a portfolio. :)

Credits to the photographers, they are really excellent. I hope I could work with them again in due time. :)

So, here you are guys! Another blog about my next photoshoot will be up next after I post about the behind the scenes of this shoot. Hope you liked it friends. Ciao ! :)


  1. lovin' the photos :)
    followed you

  2. YOU ARE ONE TALENTED MUA! love your artwork :)

    btw, i'm inviting you to join my recent giveaway here:


    1. thanks but im not the one who did my make-up here. hehe :D