Tuesday, May 22, 2012

♥ BTS: Fashion War

Hello my lovely readers ! Here is the behind the scenes of my photoshoot "Fahion War", as promised. View my post about the said photoshoot here. :)

We held the photoshoot at GAP farm. I am always excited when I am in a photoshoot, either I am the model or not, because I really like to watch the make-up artist doing his/her job. I watch them so that I will learn the steps on putting make-up and try doing my own make-up at home. I am very observant. Hahaha ! That is why I learned how to apply make-up but I don't know how to blend well because everytime after I do my make-up at home, I always end up with a very white face. :| I really need a make-up 101. Hahaha ! 

The make-up artist in action. :)

MUA: Miss Roxanne Dalisay
I really admire her skills in putting make-up and I am looking forward to be her canvass again. :)

Stylist: Miss Tin Javellana

me! while waiting for the other model :)

me and sir Mike (one of the photographers), assisting me :)
just playing around :)
Watch out for my next bts. See you soon, ciao ! :)


  1. Nice photos!
    Visited your site dear! :D Thanks for dropping by my blog :D I hope you check it out regularly!


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    2. thank you miss kai. if you don't mind. can you help me gain followers ? :)

  2. Nice photos dear! :))
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  3. Wow looking amazing!! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Fierce photos! I love the edgy makeup. :)

    New follower here. :)