Thursday, September 27, 2012

♥ BTS: I Won't Give Up

Konichiwa! LOL! I have been addicted to anime recently, and I want to learn their language. Hahaha! Anyways, this post is not about that, this is about the behind the scenes of our club's music video. The title of the song is I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. I joined the Ateneo Film Circle because I love watching and making films. And this is my first music video at our club. I will post the video soon. For the mean time, enjoy our behind the scenes pictures. :)

We really had a great time making the music video. It was all worth it. We are so tired that day but we are happy and excited for the output. We are feel like professionals with all the lights and camera. Hahaha! Well, that's it for today. See you in my next post. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

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