Sunday, August 19, 2012

♥ TIP: How to treat your damaged hair

Hello everyone! This post is for the girls who have damaged hair, just like me, because of relax and rebonding. Let me tell you my story first. Hehe! I have a long hair, it is originally wavy but I want it to be so straight. I was grade 6 back then when my mother first introduced me to salon treatments. She had my hair relaxed and I liked the result of it. So, whenever my hair will go back to being wavy, we will go again to a salon to have it straightened and that went on until now. That is the reason why my hair is really damaged. I was not aware that my hair is very damaged already. Well, my mother told me about it but during that time, I had no care of my physical appearance. She just told me to have hot oil every month to repair my hair but I was so lazy and had no time to go to a salon. So, I just let my hair that way. When I went to college, I already learned how to put makeup (well, still practicing right now), how to dress like a girly girl (LOL), in short, I was now aware of my physical appearance. Then one day, I went to SVS Salon to have a hair treatment. I blogged about it here. One of the employees there who was assigned to shampoo my hair told me that I have a very damaged hair. I told her that I know it already, that is why I am having a hair treatment. But she said that even there hair treatment cannot repair my hair, until it came to the part that she told me to cut my hair short, as in super short! I really don't like super short hair because that doesn't fit me. So, I just told her no, I will just find a way to repair my hair. From that day, I was like awakened, lol! Until I read a blog post about how to treat damaged hair. Whoa! That was quite long. Well, let us start now. :)

This is my version on how to repair your damaged hair. Since I am not that rich to buy expensive products with good quality, I am going to advise those products that can be easily found on supermarkets that have also a good quality and effective. :)

If you think your hair damage level is intense, then Dove Intense Repair is for you. It reconstructs hair and prevents split ends and breakage, leaves hair strengthened and resilient to future damage without weighing it down.

I prefer using Creamsilk Perfection full-bodied straight because it specifically designed to restore the health and maintain the full-bodied look of salon-straightened hair for a longer period of time plus it has Keratin, which our hair needed the most.

I also recommend you to use leave-on whenever you go outside the house to protect your hair from the sun. Do not use serum-based because it will just worsen the damage of your hair, based on my experience. Lol! Use cream-based instead. :)

And lastly, do a deep conditioning on your hair at least twice a week.

So, that's it, I hope you have learned something today. Thank you for viewing! :)))

Lots of ♥, Judy


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    1. thank you so much for the suggestion. will totally try Black Beauty products. thanks agen :)