Saturday, August 4, 2012

♥ EXPERIENCE: Hair Treatment at SVS Salon

Hello! I just experienced having a hair treatment at SVS Salon. Before I go on to my experience, let me share something about the salon. :)

SVS stands for Super Visual Salon. It is a Korean Salon. The owner is a Korean and some of their employees are also Korean. But I think, the other Koreans there are also part of the salon because they only do the haircut while their assistants do other things. Well, anyway, point is the salon is being managed by Koreans. So let me just show you first their place. :)

that's the owner :)
They also have food counter and also accepts orders on Korean foods. :)

You can also buy Korean products from them. :)
And my most favorite part of their place is this:

with their model miss Janelle Tee :)
Shelves full of nail polishes! O.O I am so addicted to nail polishes recently. I love the colors of their nail polishes, makes me want to steal them. Hahaha!

My experience at SVS salon was fun and exciting. I had a free hair treatment from them. I think all of the Korean salons are really expensive. When I was told that I'm going to have a FREE hair treatment from them, I was like WOW! Then, I asked if how much it will cost if it's not free and they said it's P1500. O.O So, I was really thankful to have that opportunity. :) I really need a hair treatment right now because my hair is really damaged. I had a Hair Relax every after 6 months and the chemicals from the medicine made my hair really damaged. :(

This is me before they did my hair treatment.

sorry for the quality, I only used my phone's camera
During my hair treatment.

their stuffs are so cute and very techie XD
after :)

Do I look like a Korean now? Lol.

All in all, I love how they did my hair. Thank you so much SVS! :)

Visit their facebook page to know more about them and inquire about their services. Click the picture below. Thanks for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy


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