Sunday, June 3, 2012

♥ TRAVEL: Eden Nature Park

I really love to travel. I love to see different views in different places. But we are not rich to afford that dream. Fortunately, I have a boyfriend whose parents are so generous. One day, they invited me to join them in touring their relatives from Bacolod. It was their first time to go to Davao, so we toured them to different tourist spots here in Davao. It happened last year, I am just going to share with you, my lovely readers, how beautiful Davao City is. And who knows, maybe one day you will going to visit Davao City. If you have read this post, at least, you will have an idea where to go. So, let us start with our tour.

First, we went to Eden Nature Park. I keep on hearing that place. They said, the place is beautiful, you really gonna enjoy it, and it's worth the money. Hearing those words made me want to go there but how? I don't have money because I also heard that the entrance fee is a little bit expensive and the food is also expensive. So, I was very happy that I am finally be going there for the first time. I was really excited. Well, you know, my second favorite part in traveling is to see the views while on the road. Especially, when the place is so far, it means more time viewing views while riding the car. That is why I also love field trips. Hahaha!

So, I already shared with you about my excitement and favorite parts on a trip. Now, let me share with you what we did there through photos. But first, let me just give you a background about Eden Nature Park, which I got from their site.

          A mountain resort 3,000 feet above sea level, Eden Nature Park is 95% man-made! It is a great model of how we can re-create nature and rebuild a lost environment.
Discovered sometime in 1971, the resort used to be a logged-over area covered only by a blanket of wild grass. Its potential was, however, readily seen by the owners as the property provided an imposing view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf.
Not long after, terraces were carved out of the mountain slope, and thousands of pine tree seedlings were planted. As the pine trees grew, they provided canopies allowing other trees and plants to grow and creating a secondary forest. Today, there are over 100,000 pine trees spread throughout 80 hectares, providing a refreshing backdrop to the various attractions in Eden Nature Park.

So, here are our photos taken during that day. :)
Front Desk
Rainbow Tunnel (that's what they call it)
me with my boyfriend's relatives :)
feeling like a model. Lol!
feeling like Dora the Explorer o.o

me with my bald boyfriend. hahaha

i feel so happy :D

i want to have a picture with that peacock!

trying to kiss the fish. hahaha

this is my first time to ride a horse

I will end this post right here. Hope you enjoyed viewing this post. I hope you could also visit Eden Nature Park and Resort. Visit also their site. Click here. :)

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