Wednesday, July 23, 2014

♥ HAUL: Favorite Go-to Makeup Products

Hello there!

This is going to be a haul post and not a favorites post because I cannot post favorites every month. So, I decided to post it as a haul instead. For today's haul, I will be featuring my favorite go-to makeup products as of the moment. I have posted my favorite go-to makeup look and this is somewhat a continuation of that post since I didn't elaborate the products that I have used. So, here it is. :)

So, let us start with my face products that I always use for everyday go-to look.

For the face, I do not put BB cream or foundation if I will just go somewhere because the Philippine weather is so hot and I feel uncomfortable having too much makeup on my face. So, what I use is just a loose powder and my favorite as of the moment is Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Fresh Custard Face and Body Powder. I love using this instead of the ordinary loose powder because this can control my oiliness better compared to an ordinary loose powder. And when I want to retouch anytime, anywhere, I use Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Shine-free Foundation. Now, for touch ups, I use a compact powder since it is just so easy to re-apply anytime, anywhere.

And of course, for my cheeks, I just want a subtle and not so noticeable color and what I am loving is this Careline Oil-control Blush in Charming Pink. But unfortunately, it already shattered into pieces so I have a new blush still from Careline but a different shade. I will be reviewing it soon. :)

Next, is for my eyes and eyebrow products.

Since I am always on-the-go, I choose easy to apply eyebrow products. For filling-in my brows, I am loving this Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House because it has a brush on the other end so I don't need another item for blending the product. Then I set my unruly eyebrow hairs with ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame.

For my eyes, I want them to be natural looking. So, I use a brown eyeliner pencil to line my upper and lower lash line. The one I'm using is from Ever Bilena

And lastly, lip products.

I love lipsticks and for everyday use, I am loving this combo.

First, I apply this Snoe Magic Beso Balm because this gives a natural pink shade and leaves a stain but it's kinda drying so I top it off with AVON Vitaluscious Lipstick in Rose Flush. And with this lip combo, it gives my pale lips a natural looking color.

That's basically it! So, this is what I use for a natural makeup look and my favorite go-to look.

Thank you so much for viewing. Stay tuned for more haul posts and follow me on Instagram (@judychiot) for more updates. God bless. :)

Do you like to look natural for everyday makeup? :)

   Lots of ♥, Judy

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