Monday, July 21, 2014

♥ REVIEW: Fashion 21 Aqualicious Lipstick

Hello there!

I am obsessed with lipsticks and I want to buy all the shades available in the market. But sad to say, not all of them will suit me. So, I need to buy lipsticks that suits my skin tone. Generally, I like natural shades and very dark red shades of lipsticks. I go for a natural shade when I want to look natural and for everyday use. I am a big fan of Miss Say (if you know her), and I saw, in one of her videos, that she was wearing this very beautiful shade and I just have to ask her what brand and shade it was because I love it. It was from Fashion 21 Aqualicious Lipstick line in the shade Little Mermaid. So, I went to Watsons and I was told that it was always out of stock. So, I thought this shade is indeed a very beautiful shade because it was the only shade that's always out of stock. Until, I finally bought one for myself and so here is my review on this product. :)

Price: P175
Availability: Watsons and any Department Stores


The product comes in a sky blue box and lipstick tube which I think is attractive. There is a "Aqualicious" word imprinted on the tube but it fades eventually. I like that the packaging is quite sturdy. There is not much to say about the packaging because it is just a typical lipstick packaging. :)

It's amazing that this lipstick has no smell considering it's a drugstore lipstick.


It has a creamy consistency which is very moisturizing and glides smoothly on the lips. Although, I feel that it's a little waxy. Also, because of it's creamy consistency, the lipstick settles on the lines of my lips so there is a need to dab the excess product but I am too lazy to do that. Lol!


This is what the product looks like on my lips. It is very pigmented, one swipe of the product is enough. It is a natural pink coral-ly shade which is perfect for everyday use. I have observed that whenever I am wearing this shade, I look younger and I like it.

It can last up to 3 hours without drinking and eating. But in my case, I always eat and drink so the lipstick cannot last that long on my lips. But it's not surprising because it has a very creamy consistency.

  • Affordable.
  • Locally available.
  • Moisturizing on the lips.
  • Glides smoothly.
  • Doesn't have any smell.
  • Pigmented.
  • Perfect for everyday use.

  • It's a bit waxy.
  • It settles on the lines of the lips.

I cannot say that it's long lasting but if you are not always eating or drinking, this product will last. It's not big deal for me because I don't mind re-applying the product. I love this product for everyday use because I love how I look younger and also brightens my skin. Now, I know why it is always out of stock. I recommend this to anyone with dry lips and at the same time wanted to look younger instantly. ;)

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope this review helped. Stay tuned for more reviews and follow me on Instagram (@judychiot) for more updates. God bless. :)

What do you think of this shade? :)

  Lots of ♥, Judy


  1. What a pretty color!! :) I am in love with anything coral. Will def check this out next time I drop by at Watson's. :)

    1. me too! i easily get attracted to coral shades that's why I bought it. thanks for dropping by my blog. :D