Monday, June 30, 2014

♥ REVIEW: Snoe Magic Beso Balm

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Are you fond of using lip balms? I have so many lip balms but I seldom use them because they don't give color to my pale lips, they just give shine to get rid of the dryness on my lips. Although, there are lip balms nowadays that give not only shine but also give color to the lips. The reason why I need a lip balm is because I have dry and chapped lips and I believe lip balms are the solution for that problem. But I have another lip problem, I have pale lips and for me, lip balms don't give me enough color for my lips. Since then, I opted to use lipsticks. Not until I discovered Snoe's Magic Beso Balm. This lip balm is the answer to all of my lip problems.I am so happy that Snoe came up with this product. :)

Price: P299
Availability: (please check Snoe Beauty for the list of outlets or order online)

Description: We are putting a twist on your kissing session! Magic BesoBalm Color Changing Lip Treatment adjusts to your unique pH to create a customized pink kiss! It will add volume to your kissable pout and the twist of juicy tutti-frutti flavor will keep your smile delicious.This sweet treatment will make lips good enough to stare at and kiss, without transferring the color or rubbing off!
Plumps | Soothes | Protects | Freshens Breath

I bought this lip balm on the Snoe Beauty Event day because Miss Jen used this on her makeup demo and promoted this product to us. And I thought of trying it because I was sold to the claimed output of this product.


There is nothing fancy in terms of its packaging. The product is contained inside a normal lip balm tube. The label and the color of the product is yellow. But don't worry, it will not make you look like you have hepa. Lol!

The product smells like an ointment. If you are familiar with the ointment Tiger Balm, it smells like that. It's kind of disturbing when you apply it because you can smell the ointment-like smell and for me it's a little uncomfortable. I was expecting it to smell like a fruit like other lip balms but this one is just different.


On the photo above, I swiped the lip balm 2-3 times and as you can see it turned out pink. If you want a more natural pink-ish looking lips, 1 swipe of the product is enough. :)

And that's how the Magic Beso Balm works. I believe the magic part there is when you apply it and it turns out pink, very far from what you can see on the actual product. I also tried rubbing it off my lips, and I failed to remove the lip balm. I also tried using water to remove it, but then again it did not work. The only way to remove the lip balm is to use a makeup remover or just let it fade away because it fades away eventually.

  • It's Philippine made.
  • It gives a natural pink-ish color.
  • It's a lip treatment.
  • My lips feel smooth after application and after I remove the product.
  • It gets rid of my dry and chapped lips.
  • It's matte.
  • It's long lasting.
  • No transferring of color.
  • Paraben free.
  • No irritations or allergic reactions.
  • It contains a lot of product which can last a long time.
  • The minty feeling makes your lips feel plumped.
  • A bit expensive for a lip balm.
  • It smells like an ointment.
I think I have found my HG lip balm and I'm pretty sure I'll be using this everyday when I go out. I just love this lip balm from Snoe. First, I love that it gives me a natural pink-ish color because I have a pale lips that is why I want to have a pink-ish lip color and this lip balm gave me that. Another reason is that it is long lasting. Promise! No transferring of color whenever I drink and it stays on my lips even after drinking and eating. Although it fades eventually but it lasts for about 8 hours. No kidding. Perfect for people like me who has a habit of always licking the lips. It is also not shiny and oily unlike other lip balms that looks like you just ate lechon. Lol! It gives you a matte finish which I like very much. My lips feel so smooth which is an indication that it treated my dry and chapped lips. The label states that it is a color changing lip treatment, but I haven't really observed the color changing part so I cannot say something about that. And also it states that it freshens breath, again I haven't observed it so no comment. I also find it a bit expensive for a lip balm but then again it did a very good job and it does what it says, quality over quantity. Even though it smells like an ointment, I still love it and I think I am now immune to it. I would definitely repurchase and also recommend this to anyone especially to those who has the same problem like mine.

Here is a selfie wearing Snoe Magic Beso Balm. :)

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope this review was helpful. Stay tuned for more reviews and follow me on Instagram (@judychiot) for more updates. God bless. :)

What is your HG lip balm? :)

   Lots of ♥, Judy

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