Tuesday, June 17, 2014

♥ EVENT: Snoe Beauty Davao Launching

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Last Sunday, June 15, was Father's Day and also the launching of Snoe's 39th branch here in Davao City. If you haven't heard of Snoe, it is a Filipino brand founded by a Filipina and all of their products are Philippine-made and are perfect for Pinoy/Pinay skin. Snoe is one of my favorite brands because their products are amazingly effective and also attractive because of their cute labels and creative names. If you have been a reader of my blog, you will know that i have suffered from acne and one of the products that helped me from acne is Snoe's Awesome Poresome Beauty Bar. Unfortunately, I have discontinued using that soap because I have to order it online and it will become expensive because of the shipping. So now, I can go back to using that soap and try Snoe's other products because I can now have easy access to them. As I was saying, it was their launching last Sunday and I was one of the invited bloggers to witness the event and I was very honored because it is Snoe and I love Snoe! Lol! Anyway, photos from the event will be viewed after the jump. Enjoy! :)

Snoe Beauty is located at Abreeza Ayala Mall 2/F fronting Watsons. :)

Ribbon cutting to officially open Snoe's 39th branch. :)

This is Miss Jen Diaz, the CEO/Founder of Snoe Beauty. Isn't she beautiful? Kudos to her for creating Snoe. :) 

Here is a brief history of how Snoe came up. Miss Jen Diaz is a shopaholic when it comes to makeup/beauty products and she is always hoarding local and even international brands and tries them to herself. Then, her husband gave her the idea of putting her own makeup/beauty brand since she loves it very much. So, she searched for suppliers, manufacturers, etc. and she consulted chemists, dermatologists, pharmacists, etc. and then eventually, she found the right formulation for our (Filipinos) skin. And so, Snoe was born. :) Currently, Snoe has around 300 number of products (skin care, hair care, cosmetics, beauty tools). Wow! What makes Snoe different from other brands is that they improve their products from time to time so customers will come back to try out the new products. That's a great strategy from a business-minded person. :) By the way, the name Snoe comes from the name of her daughter which Noe and Noe's favorite Disney Princess is Snow White. Miss Jen combined the two names hence, the word Snoe. It's a unique name actually. :)

This is Miss Kakai. I don't really know her exact name but I believe she is also a blogger. Thanks to her, Snoe is now in Davao City and hopefully, in GenSan and CDO also. :)

Snacks were catered by Ranchero. :)

During break time, some people ate their snacks and some are testing out the products. :)

After the break, Miss Jen held a makeup demo to show and at the same time explain how the products are used. :)

Here are some of Snoe's products. If you are wondering how the products are named, Miss Jen said it is basically based on the people around her, current situation she is in and a lot of randomness that pops out of her mind. It just proves that she is a creative person. :) 

If you have encountered a Snoe product and scan the ingredients, you will see one or more ingredients that are unique and rarely known in our country. They are called special ingredients that can do special benefits for our skin which is another reason why Snoe is such an amazing brand. :)

Miss Jen also said that some of the products that she created came from her own preferences and now she is sharing those products to other Filipinos who are also interested in those products. :)

With the very beautiful and gorgeous Miss Jen Diaz. I really adore her and her skills. :)

Sorry for the face. I was just excited and happy that Snoe is really in Davao. Hahaha!

Freebies I got from the event. Weee! Review soon. :)

That's it! It is quite a long post and I hope you enjoyed and learned some things about Snoe and how amazing their products are. I cannot express how much I love Snoe. Please visit their stall and try out their products to see for yourself. :)

Thank you so much for viewing! God bless. :)

For more information regarding Snoe Beauty Inc, check these links: 

What is your favorite Snoe product? :)

 Lots of ♥, Judy


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