Friday, April 25, 2014

♥ TRAVEL: Surigao

Hello there!

Last week was one of my best days in my life because I, once again, left Davao City for a vacation. I really love traveling so much but I don't have money for that. That is why I am so happy that my boyfriend's forever generous mother invited me to join them in their trip to Surigao. I was really excited because I get to see the tourist spots in that place. And here are the photos that I have taken during our trip. Enjoy! :)

I took this photo when we were on our way to Surigao. I just love the color, it is so green. :)

The first place we went to is the Tinuy-an Falls. It was my first time to see waterfalls in person. :)

Next stop is the very famous Enchanted River. Unfortunately, I was not able to experience its "enchantedness" because I was not able to at least dip myself in the river. It rained very hard that day and so we decided to proceed to the resort we will be staying. Aawe, poor me. :(

We stayed in La Entrada and from there we started our island hopping which is my favorite part of our trip by the way.

I just love the view of the beach. :)

This island is called the Naked Island because it has no trees, just plain sand which makes it naked. Lol!

And that's pretty much my 2-day trip in Surigao. I really had fun especially the island hopping. :)

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope, by viewing the photos, I have given you idea of what the place looks like and how enjoyable it is to be there. God bless. :)

Have you been in Surigao? :)

 Lots of ♥, Judy

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