Friday, October 21, 2016

♥ EXPERIENCE: Mindanao Beauty Expo 2016

Hello there!

To those who didn't know, I just had my hair colored last month by myself. Yes! See the full story here if you want to know how it ended up. I also stated there how I wanted my hair colored by professionals but sad to say I have no moolah and that's why I did it myself. Hahaha! Luckily, I saw a post on Facebook that they are looking for hair models for the Mindanao Beauty Expo 2016 where there are professional hairstylists from Manila who will showcase their hair creations and of course they need hair models for that. So, I immediately signed up without thinking twice. I got too excited because finally an opportunity for me to have a professional do my hair for free. Hehehe! 

Just a little background, Mindanao Beauty Expo is an event where professional hairstylists from different well known brands from Manila and other countries showcase their hair creations, may it be hair styles or hair color. There are also seminars and competitions that aspiring and amateur hairstylists can join. Anyway, keep on reading if you are interested in knowing what happened and the products they used on me as far as I have remembered. There will be photos on each process they did on my hair. :)

Okay. So they diagnosed my hair condition before anything else. I told them I had my hair relaxed regularly and just recently I had my hair colored. I also told them that I don't have restrictions and I want them to do anything with my hair as long as they won't make me bald. Hahaha! From those information I have given, they started thinking of a hair style for me. Then they showed me pictures and they decided to cut my hair into a bob cut style. They asked me if that's okay, I said yes but deep inside I was nervous because I never had my hair cut that short but I was also excited for the outcome. I trust them anyway because they are professionals. :D

This was my hair before it was cut. That red part you see is the one I DIYed. Yes, it looks awful but I liked it. Hahaha! 

They cut my hair into a bob-cut style. I admit that my heart was beating fast at this time when I saw the hairs falling down as they cut it.

Then they did a balayage style on the top part of my head. They used the bleaching cream called the Blonde Plus and oxidizing lotion from the brand Semon Professional.

After one hour, here is the result of the bleaching process. They said it was on the level 9 or 10. They used 9% (30 vol.) of the oxidizing lotion by the way. Too bad I was not able to take a photo of my bleached hair when it was dried. I think having blonde hair would fit me. Hahaha!

Then they started the coloring process. See the bun on top my head? That's the bleached part where they will put green and purple semi-permanent colors. For the unbleached part of my hair, they applied permanent red color.

The permanent red color they used was from the brand Botanique Spa.

Now, this is the top part of my head. You might be wondering why are there two colors applied on my hair. The top part near the roots was the unbleached part, so they applied permanent red color and on the lower part, which is bleached, they applied green and purple semi-permanent colors alternately. Sorry for the low quality of the photo, I just screenshot this from a video. Hehehe! The semi-permanent colors are also from the brand Semon Professional. It is actually called a cellophane wax but it acts the same as the semi-permanent ones.

Are you ready to see the outcome of the coloring process? :D Here it is.

Taadaaa! See the green and purple alternately? How creative is that! I liked that the red turned into pink. :D

The colors look so vibrant when light hits my hair.

I really wanted an ombre style on my hair and thankfully the result was awesome. I love it! :D

This was my makeup on the event day. The styling and coloring took place a day before the event. The color is not that noticeable when indoors.

The models together with the Mondes Professional creative team.

The MBEX2016 was successful. Thanks to the organizers and the staffs behind the event. Thank you also to the creative team namely: Sir Roy, Ma'am Jade and Ma'am Arlyn, who handled me and were so patient with my hair. Hahaha!

I am still loving my hair until now, from the cut to the colors, although it's not as good as when it's blow-dried. It's new to me and I feel unique with it and that's why I love it. :)

That's it for this blog post. I was going to put photos of the products used on me but I could not find it on Google. :( Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for viewing and see you on my next blog post. Follow me on Instagram (@judychiot) for more updates and short reviews. God bless. :)

Do you like my new hair style? Share your comments below. :)

Lots of love,
♥ Judy

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  1. Nice hair Judy! (^,^) I really want to dye my hair with load colors however, bawal sa work..