Thursday, August 22, 2013

♥ NAIL ART: Futuristic

Hello there! Philippines is flooded especially in Luzon, so keep safe and dry everyone. I hope you're doing fine. While you are staying in your houses, you might want to do your nails. So here is a very easy yet an eye-turner nail art design. Lol. :)

Polishes I used:

1. Sally Hansen Base Coat
2. Chic White Polish
3. Chic Neon Pink Polish
4. Silver Polish from Shawill
5. Glitter Polish from Etude House
6. Seche Vite Top Coat

Step 1: Apply your favorite base coat.

Step 2: Paint all of your nails white, this will make the neon pink more vibrant.

Step 3: Paint all of your nails neon pink.

Step 4: Make your own nail stickers using the silver and white polish. Please refer here.

Step 5: Place them gently on your wet nail in the following order or you can just be creative. :)

Step 6: This is optional but you can try this to your other nails. Paint silver polish only at the top part of your nail.

Step 7: Then, cover it with glitter polish.

Step 8: Apply top coat and we're done! :)

The silver polish makes the nail art look futuristic, that's why I called this nail art Futuristic. Hahaha! XD Anyway, this needs time so be patient when doing this. This looks prettier on long nails, but it is also good on short nails, just make adjustments. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoyed it. Goodluck and God bless. :)

 Lots of ♥, Judy

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