Sunday, June 2, 2013

♥ REVIEW: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream

Price: P169
Availability: Any Watsons nationwide

" A water-base moisturizer refined by Bio-Nanotechnology, making it more potent, giving it a more radiant and fair complexion.

It revitalizes and improves skin condition, protects skin against cellular damage and premature aging, maintains elasticity and firmness of the skin and leaves a cool and refreshing feeling. iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream is ideal for all skin types. "

Hi everyone! I know there are a lot of reviews about this product already but I still want to make a review on my own. So, here it goes.

  • It's water-base. Can you see the water droplets in the picture above? From a gel type to water. One of the reasons why I love this product.
  • It's fragrance is not irritating.
  • It has a cool feeling after you apply.
  • It absorbs quickly by the skin.
  • It did not give me any breakouts.
  • It is oil-free.
  • It is ideal for all skin types.
  • Affordable.
  • Protects skin from premature aging.
  • Manufacturing and expiration date info are provided.

  • I can't really think of any.

Overall, I will give this a rate of 5/5. I really recommend this moisturizer to anyone since it is affordable and good for all skin types. I don't really use moisturizer before so I have never tried other products before this and I am really happy that I found out about iWhite Korea because I really love their products, especially this, the nose pack, and the whitening pack. This is the best moisturizer for me. I would definitely repurchase. :)

What is the best moisturizer for you? Comment below, I want to know more ideas from you. :)

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for viewing. God bless. :)

Lots of ♥, Judy


  1. I super agree on this one too~ It's super light and feels so nice on skin ^_~

  2. I love this product too. I'm oily and it can control the oiliness of my skin ♥ 5 out of 5 too!

  3. I definitely try this one :) Thank You