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Hello everyone!

We all know the struggle of wanting to buy a specific product, especially high-end ones, but can't find a store or a shop selling it. That's the disadvantage of living in the Philippines. But some people have their own way. They take advantage of their relatives outside the Philippines to buy the product for them. Good for the people who have relatives outside the Philippines. But for those who don't have, don't fret because there is now a solution to our problem. :)

Buying high-end beauty products is not a problem anymore because there is now a website that caters to our luxurious needs. SephoraPH now has a website that delivers within the Philippines. All the latest beauty products from well-known high-end brands are available on that website. How cool is that?? :D

Speaking of high-end brands, I want to share with you my beauty finds from the brand Guerlain. Besides, that's the point of this blog post hence the title. Hehehe! 

"Guerlain is a French perfume and cosmetics and skincare house, among the oldest in the world. It has a large customer following, and has traditionally been held in high esteem in the perfume industry." -- source: Wikipedia

Now, the exciting part! Let us go through my haul one by one. :)

This is, obviously, a makeup base. It is a color-correcting and radiance-boosting primer. It has a gel texture that melts with the rosy pearls every time you pump the product out and that will give a radiant and glowing effect while neutralizing excess sebum. It's water based so it's easy to blend and I love how refreshing and hydrating it feels when blended on the skin. After it blends on the skin, it will illuminate your complexion because it has micro-shimmer particles. It has a matte finish so it's perfect for oily skin. 

I got the shade Beige Pale and, honestly, it's a bit light for my skin tone but I was able to solve the problem. Hehehe! This foundation is full coverage so with just one layer, it can cover minor redness and imperfections on the skin. But if you're acne-prone like me, then you might want to put another layer to cover all the acne marks or dark spots and will give you a smooth, flawless looking skin. Don't worry because this foundation is buildable so it will not look cakey and will still feel lightweight. It has a liquid consistency so it's easy to blend. It doesn't feel sticky at all and settles into a matte finish perfect for oily skin. Another good thing is this foundation already has SPF 20 PA++ so your skin will be protected from the sun.

I used this concealer to cover my dark under eye circles and some of my dark spots and I love it. It worked on my skin and blended perfectly. It has a creamy consistency but it blends easily and it didn't ruin my foundation.

This compact powder can also be used as a foundation but I just used it to set my face. I love its packaging, it has a magnetic lid and comes with a velvet pouch. I also love its mirror because it's very clear and wide. When applying powder, be sure to just dab the product using a sponge and not to swipe it to avoid ruining your base makeup. After I applied the powder, I observed that it lessened the appearance of my pores and my skin looked flawless. It feels super smooth and velvety. It didn't appear to be cakey and has a mattifying effect.

Last but not the least, since I am a lipstick junkie, I got myself a lipstick. Yey! The first thing I loved with this lipstick is its packaging. As you can see, it is not the usual packaging of a lipstick. It's very unique that is why I love it. It already has a mirror on its cap. This is the heaviest lipstick I have in my collection I guess it's because of the mirror. I got the shade in Gladys and it's a Barbie Pink color when applied. It glides on smoothly on my lips. Opacity is great, one swipe will give you its color. When it settled on my lips, it felt semi-matte but it has a slight glossy finish. It's not transfer-proof but it leaves a stain when faded.


As you can see, the foundation is so light. Luckily, the powder that I got is just right for my skin tone. 

My thoughts:

First thing I fell inlove with was their packaging. By just looking at them, you can already guess that they are from a high-end brand. Guerlain has one of the most luxurious packaging I have ever seen. I love everything from the base down to the lips. Each product has a scent. Don't worry they smell so good and not bothering at all. The primer and foundation claim to have matte finish so they're suitable for my skin type because I have very oily skin and I was not disappointed. I wore the makeup for over 8 hours and I only blotted once. The oil control is great because when I blotted, I was not very oily than usual. Amazing! After I blotted, the makeup is still intact even the lipstick after eating. The shade selection of their face products is also suited for Filipina skin because there are shades with yellow undertone. They are very high quality products. They definitely lived up to their prices. I can't say it's hulas-proof but I can definitely assure you that it is perfect for long hours of wearing. I haven't experienced any negative reactions on my skin, no breakouts whatsoever. I can't even think of any cons right now but I will have a detailed review of each of the product to update you of my experience soon. If you want to splurge, Guerlain products are worth a try. I know it's not practical to buy high-end makeup products but it's good to try high-end brands sometimes. I still can't believe I have these in my makeup stash. These are my first luxurious makeup products and if I have the money, I would repurchase these items or buy some new items to try from the brand. :)

That's it for my review. Thank you so much for viewing and stay tuned for more reviews. Follow me on Instagram (@judychiot) for more updates and short reviews. God bless. :)

What high-end brands have you tried? :)

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  1. These pictures are so stunning. I would def love to visit one day xx, thanks for sharing! You will like to see more fun from here.