Friday, December 16, 2016

♥ REVIEW: Quick FX Sun Block

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In the country where I live, the weather is so hot. The scorching sun will burn your skin and it is harmful. It may cause skin cancer. That is why, sunblock is a must not only for girls but also for the boys. Investing in a good quality sunblock is very good but if you lack on budget, like me (lol!), then I understand if you'll look for a more affordable one.

Ever heard of Quick FX? They are very popular especially if you are into beauty because a lot of beauty bloggers have been raving the said brand. Their products are skincare and cosmetics which are made in Korea. So, you can assure that it is of good quality.

For today, I am going to review the Quick FX Sunblock which, I think, is their latest product introduced in the market. Let us start the review after the jump. :)

Price: Php99
Bought at: Watsons
  • With SPF 50 to absorb and reflect UV rays that cause skin damage. 
  • Prevents sun spots and freckles.
  • With Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, known to filter a wide range of UV rays.
  • With Niacinamide that helps lighten the skin for a clean and clear finish.
  • With Adenosine that helps prevent skin aging and improves skin resilience by promoting the synthesis of collagen.
  • With Lotus Water, a powerful antioxidant that leaves the skin hydrated .
  • Provides light coverage to conceal skin imperfections.
  • With BSASM - a blend of 7 extracts to soothe the skin. It is known as a safe and effective agent against skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne.
  • With Herb Extracts, effective in tightening the skin for a reduced appearance of pores.
Claimed BENEFITS: Ultra light, fast-absorbing sunblock with broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, helps protect against the damaging effects of the sun.

Quick FX is only available at Watsons. The first product I tried from the brand is their primer (read my review on it here) and it worked on me and I see myself repurchasing it so I went ahead and tried their other products.

It is attractively packaged in a sachet with a twist cap. I say attractively because every time I pass by the lane where it's located, I can't help myself picking it and end up buying a lot. Lol! Maybe it's just me. Huhu! 

Be careful though because the sealed one is where you see the cap upside down and it will be unsealed when you twist it and then return the cap for storage. Genius right. :D I have experienced buying an unsealed one and I had no choice and used it anyway. Lol! So, again, be careful. 

It's consistency is liquid but not runny and once applied it turns creamy. 

The color of the product is not white just like the usual sunblock. It is like a tinted sunblock. It has a yellow color, which is not that visible on the photo above (lol!), and it covers minor impurities. 

It smells like mint. It's not a strong scent so it is not disturbing. :)

Quick FX Sunblock is perfect for people who are in a budget. It is very affordable yet you can have good quality sunblock with all the benefits a person would want in a skincare. Before, I used a different brand of sunblock but as time pass by, I still see myself choosing this one than my old one. Therefore, I can say that I like this product, my skin loves it and I highly recommend it and their other products also. I have no complaints on this product. I just hope that it comes in a bigger size, like a tube one. Because now, I am using it just on my face and if I use it also on my body, then I need a bigger one. Nevertheless, this one is perfect for travelling. Quick FX has already proven its effectiveness to the market. Beauty bloggers have been raving their products and people are hoarding them. Do not be left behind! Hoard now! Hahaha!

That's it for this review. I hope this review helped. Thank you so much for viewing and stay tuned for more blog posts. Follow me on IG(@judychiot) for more updates and short reviews. God bless everyone. :)

What sunblock are you using now? Share it on the comments section below. :)

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  1. Guess what? They have the tube one now! The price is in the range of 230-250 pesos I think! I just got that one, and I'm satisfied! Indeed a great product 😊

    1. Yeah. Saw and bought one already. Hihihi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  2. Does it leave a white cast on you ba?

    1. Hello! No, it doesn't have any white cast. :) Thank you for dropping by. ^_^

  3. Hindi naman po ba sya greasy sa face?

    1. Hello. Di po mam, if you let it sit for about 3-5 min, it will set into a matte finish and kahit pawis ka na di po siya lagkit sa feeling. :) Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

  4. Ano uunahin ko? Ung sunblock or pimple eraser??

    1. Hello. Ina apply ko ang pimple eraser at night lang po and ang sunblock is sa morning lang. :) Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

  5. Do they have sa tube na? I'm in need of an affordable sunblock and I've been seeing positive reviews about this one. And if they do have the tube na what is the price po? Thank uuuuuuuuu loved ur review hihi