Wednesday, July 18, 2012

♥ NAIL ART: Nautical

This is my nail art for the week. I am supposed to do a sunset nail but I failed. :( So, it took many days before I did a perfect nail art. Well, this is not really perfect if you look at it closely, semi-perfect only. Lol! Anyways, this nail art is very easy but it needs patience (which I do not have. hahaha!). That's why it's not perfect. If you want to do it to your nails, here are the steps. :)

Step 1: Start with a clean nails, of course. Then put a white color nail polish for the base except for the ring finger.
Step 2: This step is optional. If you have nail art tools then you can use the nail art brush to make stripes. But in my case, I don't have nail art brush so I used sticker paper to make stripes (or you can use anything that will stick). Cut a vertical rectangular shape from the sticker paper then measure it on your nail. Then you decide for your desired width of the stripes. Place it to your nails like this:

Step 3: Put 2 coats of blue nail polish (or any color you would like to have) over the nails with sticker paper like this:

Step 4: Wait for it to completely dry. Then, take off the the sticker paper.
Step 5: For the anchor, again if you have nail art tools you can use it to draw the anchor, but what I used was a pencil. Pour an enough amount of white nail polish on a paper. Dip the pencil on it and start to draw on your ring finger.

Step 6: And the last step, always put a top coat or colorless to make it look shiny! :)

And the finished product:

I hope you understand the steps. xD Tell me if you tried this too. Thank you very much for viewing. Enjoy! :)))

Lots of ♥, Judy
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