Tuesday, April 25, 2017

♥ REVIEW: EB Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades

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When I was just practicing doing my own makeup and starting to build up my makeup collection, I always buy eye shadows in palette because it already has so many colors to play with and that time I was really into eye makeup. I remembered I bought a 360-color eye shadow palette and I only used it at home because it was too bulky to bring with. But when I got to work, I got no time to play with my eye shadow palettes anymore and I realized that I only need the basic colors, like the neutral colors, for everyday use. So, I was looking for an affordable eye shadow and I always see this EB Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades on the internet being raved.

Price: P120
Availability: Any Ever Bilena counters

If you're interested to know more about this product, then please keep on reading. :)


The packaging is very simple. It has an open-lid plastic packaging with a transparent front cover. That's it! Nothing fancy.


This is just ONE swipe. Yes, with just ONE swipe, it gave me these wonderful shades. I was surprised how pigmented it is. I was not expecting it to be this pigmented because of its price. As you can see, all shades have glitters. So, you don't get matte shades in this palette and you will see later how I used it.

Taaadaaaa!! XD

Here is the makeup look I came up with using the 5-shade palette. I am no pro so don't judge. Hihihi!

Okay. So I used the brown shade for my crease, I put the bronze color all over my lid, then I put the rose pink color on the center, then I used the lightest shade as a highlighter on the tear ducts and finally I used the darkest shade, which is a black brown color, as an eyeliner.

My thoughts: I was not expecting too much from this product. I mean, I know that a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers rave this product but I am a pessimistic person so I always think of the worst. Lol! By just looking at the swatches, you can't really tell that it is from a local brand and that it is very affordable. Although, you might want to consider that you don't get matte shades with this palette. But let me tell you that as I was applying the eye shadows, I noticed that the two dark shades are not glittery compared to the three light shades. Even on the swatch photo, you can tell that the three light shades are more glittery. So, it's okay to use the dark shades for your crease or use it as an eyeliner, just as I used it on the photo above, for daytime use and on night time you can easily put the glittery shades on your lid. The only con I noticed was the eye shadows have a tendency to fall out especially with the dark shades. But it's not really a big deal for me because you can just swipe it off with a powder brush. Overall, I LOVE this palette. It can be easily thrown into your makeup pouch and bring with you to work if you need touch ups. I also love that I can use the lightest shade as a highlighter and the darkest shade as an eyeliner. I'm happy that I chose this over other expensive ones. So, I highly recommend it especially to starters but I read somewhere that Ever Bilena stopped producing this product. So I'm not sure if it's still available in your nearest department stores but if you find this, then please don't hesitate to get it! :D

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Do you also have this in your makeup collection? :)

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