Sunday, August 17, 2014

♥ REVIEW: Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Body Frosting Passion Fruit Parfait

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If you have been reading my previous reviews on Snoe products, you will know how I really love that brand. And now, I am going to review another product from them which is the Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Whipped Body Frosting Passion Fruit Parfait. Don't think too much, it's basically a body lotion in the scent Passion Fruit Parfait. My thoughts and opinions will be shown after the jump. :)

Price: P249
Availability: Snoe kiosks or order from their website

Description: Snoe Body Ritual Recipe Whipped Body Frosting is fortified with Vitamin E to hydrate skin with moisture that lasts all day. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished, making it the perfect daily moisturizer. It also contains Papaya enzyme to whiten your skin and SPF 15+ sun protection! Choose from our sweet-smelling, fresh-skin-loving fragrances that are addictive and indulgent!

I got this product from the Snoe event and I am thankful that this product was included in my loot bag. Before, I only knew that Snoe sells face products and I didn't know that they also sell  hair and body products. So I am excited to try this body lotion from them and share my experience with you. :)

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pump which is a plus for me since it is so convenient to use without exerting too much effort just to get the product out. It is just a simple transparent bottle with all the labels you need to know about the product.

The scent that I got is Passion Fruit Parfait and from the name itself, it is obvious that it has a fruity scent. 


I didn't expect it to have a liquid-y consistency because I thought all lotions have thick consistency. And because of that, it makes it so much easier to blend. It also dries quickly so you don't need to wait a long time for your lotion to dry.

  • Affordable.
  • Locally available.
  • Blends easily.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Has a pump which makes it so convenient to use.
  • Has SPF15+.
  • Has Vitamin E.
  • Has Papaya enzymes that helps whiten skin.
  • Has a cooling feeling after application.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • Skin feels so smooth after application.
  • No bothering scent.
  • No irritations and allergic reactions.
  • Non-greasy.

  • Nothing! :)

I am currently in love with this lotion because it has all the features I want in a lotion. But I would like to use a different lotion for extensive sun protection especially on days when I stay very long under the sun. As of now, since I am always indoor, I don't mind using this lotion. I would definitely repurchase and recommend the product to anyone. :)

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope this review helped. Stay tuned for more reviews and follow me on Instagram (@judychiot) for more updates. God bless. :)

What is your current favorite lotion? :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

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