Sunday, October 27, 2013

♥ REVIEW: Beauty Cosmetics Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Hi loves! Today's review will be about the Flat Top Kabuki Brush from Beauty Cosmetics. A lot of you know the shop Beauty Cosmetics because they are one of the shops who sells good quality makeup brushes here in the Philippines. I really love their brushes, too bad they don't have a branch here in Davao. So I have to order it online and I find it expensive because of the shipping fee. :( I really want to purchase their brush set because their brush sets have very girly but simple designs which I really like but I think I won't be able to use all the brushes. So, I decided to purchase their flat top kabuki brush instead since I rarely see flat top kabuki brushes here in our malls. So, here is my review about the item. :)

Price: P300
Bought at: Beauty Cosmetics

Click read more to know my experience using this brush. :)

I like how their brand name is printed on the handle. I wanted the pink handle but it was out of stock so I chose this black handle. Lol!

By the way, this brush is dense, perfect for applying liquid foundations. I like dense brushes because I find it really easy to apply and blend the liquid foundation. This brush can be used for wet and dry products but I, personally, use this only for applying my BB cream.

  • The bristles are very soft on the skin
  • Not irritating
  • It did not bleed after cleaning and washing
  • Makes my BB cream very easy to apply and blend
  • Affordable if you purchase it directly in their retail stores
  • Not available in our city :(

Overall, I give this a rate of 4.5/5. The .5 goes to my con which is a big factor for me because shipping fee is costly :( But all in all, I really like this brush, my favorite brush so far for applying my BB cream. I love how dense the brush is and at the same time soft but not super soft, just enough for me.I really recommend the shop Beauty Cosmetics if your looking for affordable brushes but with excellent quality. :)

I hope this review helped you in some way. Thank you so much for viewing and God bless. :)

Have you tried Beauty Cosmetics brushes? :)

Lots of ♥, Judy

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  1. ano po ung website ng beauty cosmetics online? thanks ms. judy :)