Saturday, November 17, 2012

♥ WISHLIST: Christmas

Hello there! I am back to being busy again with school stuff and others that explains why I am MIA. Hahaha! To keep this blog alive, here is a wishlist post. Christmas is coming soon and I want to go shopping but unfortunately, I'm just a poor girl. :( Hahaha! So I am calling out my Santa out there. Lol! Kidding. Anyways, here are what I wanted this Christmas if I will be able to save money. :)

1. Ipod Touch. The only reason why I wanted Ipod Touch so much is because I am very fond of playing games. I don't care if my phone is not with cam or colored, as long as I have an Ipod Touch, I will never get bored. Of course I want the very recent generation. Hahaha!

2. Samsung Galaxy S3. If I won't be able to have an Ipod Touch, an android phone will be fine with me for the same reason. 

3. Make-up Products. I don't wear makeup everyday but I love them. Hahaha! I use them occasionally. I love putting on makeup but I am not confident enough to wear it outside our house. Lol! But one of my dreams is to become a professional make-up artist someday. :)

4. Shoes. I love all kinds of shoes, it may be with heels, heelless, flats, sandals, or sneakers. I only have 5 pairs of footwear. 1 slippers, 2 flats and 2 with heels. If I am going to be rich, I want to have a walk in closet full of shoes, different kinds. I want to have a collection of shoes just like Imelda Marcos. Hahaha! What a dream. Lol.

5. Clothes. Of course, who doesn't want to have many clothes? Me, I love trying out different styles of clothes(tops, dresses, bottoms). So, yeah, it's part of my wishlist and forever will be on my wishlist. Lol!

6. Nail polishes. I think you already know that I really love putting on nail arts on my nails, that's is why I want to have more nail polishes. I want to expand my nail polish collection. And of course, I also like to have nail art tools and things for nail care. :)

7. Bags. Last but not the least, bags. I cannot go out without a bag. So, I definitely need at least one. I own 1 bag and I hate it because it easily gets ruined. -__- I prefer Bangkok bags because they are chic and stylish and their designs are cute.

So, here it is, my Christmas wishlist. They are not in order by the way. Pictures are gotten from Google. Hope you will have a great week end. Thank you for viewing! :)

Lots of ♥, Judy


  1. LOVE YOUR WISHLIST! :) mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh:) I have them in my mind too.


  2. Girls thing! <3 iPod Touch 5th Gen FTW! :)

    XX, Jen’. ♥