Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hello there! It's a photoshoot post again and the theme of this shoot is boudoir. Boudoir is a daring theme for me and this is my very first daring shoot. My boyfriend came along with me that day because he was worried that something might happen to me. Lol! Well, anyway, here are some of the photos. :)

this is my favorite :)

Kudos to all the photographers! Hope you enjoyed viewing this post. Thank you for viewing. :)

Lots of ♥, Judy


  1. Your corset looks lovely. Where did you buy it?Are you from Davao as well? Your profile pic says so I think. You're wearing an Addu uniform. I miss wearing that! haha :D

    Followed you :) Would you mind following each other?:)

    1. Actually, the corset is not mine. I just borrowed it from the makeup artist. :) Yes, I'm from Davao. :) Followed you already, thank you for viewing. :)